Why Cork Floors?

Cork is an extremely comfortable surface to walk on. It is highly water resistant making it an excellent flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms. Also, because cork material is flexible, it works as a great sound damper. Consequently it is ideal for rooms that would otherwise have the tendency to be loud, such as in a music room, or family rooms with large vaulted ceilings.

Why Cork is right for you:

  • Cork can last a lifetime. It is extremely durable and very resistant to scratching and denting.
  • Cork is a sound environmental choice because the cork bark is harvested from trees.
  • Cork is a comfortable flooring alternative, since it is softer than traditional flooring. Because cork is 80% air, it is easier on backs, knees, hips and other joints. Cork is also anti-allergenic, because it contains Suberin, a waxy substance that repels bugs, mold, and more.
  • Cork retains heat and will be warmer than other types of floors
  • Cork Flooring is very affordable
  • Cork Flooring is very easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum
  • Cork is an ideal floor material for concrete slab floors.

Cork flooring is one of the best flooring materials you can choose for all areas in your home.  Cork flooring comes in planksstandard tiles and mosaic tiles that can be purchased unfinished or pre-finished. There are several finishing and design options (acrylic, urethane, and wax). You can leave your cork flooring in its natural light shade or have it stained or painted, depending on the look you want to achieve.   There are many options to customize your design look.  Let Hye Quality Floors help you choose the right type of flooring to meet your needs.

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